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The links below will take you to review articles and to webpages which are more than just a description of an instrument.

  1. Accessories: A Review of Accessories Supplied with Antique Microscopes.
  2. History of the Development of the Achromatic-Aplanatic Microscope
  3. Algensuschers:What is an Algensuscher?
  4. APERTOMETERS: A brief history
  5. APPRAISALS: What you need to know about the value of antique microscopes, including services I can provide to help.
  6. Bausch & Lomb: Early Simple Microscopes by Bausch & Lomb including the American Agriculturist Microscopes
  7. Bulloch: Evolution of Walter H. Bulloch Microscopes-a nearly comprehensive review of all known models which includes engravings and images of many examples
  8. Bulloch Improvements: Improvements and Changes of Bulloch Microscopes over Time
  9. Bulloch Serial numbers-a partial listing of known serial numbers and models of microscopes made by Walter Bulloch and successors
  10. Bulloch Signatures: a review of the signatures on microscopes made by Walter Bulloch and successors
  11. Bulloch Workplaces: A review of Walter Bulloch's known places of work and occupation
  12. Bulloch References: References pertaining to the history of Walter Bulloch's Microscopes
  13. CAMERA LUCIDAS-the types and their history
  14. Collecting: My Advice on Collecting
  15. Compass Microscopes: A Brief History of the Compass Microscope
  16. Compound Microscopes: A Brief History of the Compound Microscope
  17. Compressors (Compressoria): A review of the main types of compressor and how they work.
  18. Cary-Gould: Evolution of the Cary-Gould Microscope as seen through Gould's Books
  19. Correction collars: History and examples
  20. Coverglass Micrometers and their History
  21. History of the Development of Dark Ground (aka Dark Field) Illumination
  22. Some help on DATING scientific instruments
  23. The Watson EDINBURGH microscopes and their evolution.
  24. Fingerprint Magnifiers
  25. Folding Simple Microscope: 'Jones Type' of Folding 'Flower or Insect Microscopes'
  26. Folding 'Botanical' Simple Magnifiers especially of Horn and Shell
  28. A Glossary of Terms commonly used with antique and other microscopes
  29. Gould: Evolution of the Cary-Gould Microscope as seen through Gould's Books
  30. Gould's Improved Compound Pocket Microscope-details
  31. Gould's Test Objects and the Gould Microscope-what is that test slide with these microscopes?
  32. Grunow: The First Class Grunow Microscope of Dr Octavius White
  33. History of Laban Heath's Microscopes
  34. The 'Household' Microscopes: A review of many models of the 'Household Universal' microscope invented by T.H. McAllister and copied by many makers in the U.S.A. and France.
  35. Linen Provers, Thread Counters and Related Microscopes and some other instruments, past and present
  36. Liveboxes: A brief review of the main types of livebox and how they work.
  37. McArthur-type Microscopes, past and present
  38. E.M. Nelson:-Microscopes designed by him.
  39. The Nelson No. 2 microscope, comparison of examples from about 1895 and 1899.
  40. Photographic Magnifiers of the late 19th and early 20th Century
  41. Pocket Microscopes: a Brief survey and history of some examples.
  42. Francois Raspail's Cylindrical Microscope for Travel-setting the record straight
  43. Raspail's Microscopes-illustrated review of the microscopes of Francois Raspail
  44. Restoring: My Advice about Restoring Instruments
  45. Restoring: An Introduction on HOW to Restore Antique Microscopes
  46. Restoration: An example of a nearly complete restoration project (a Zentmayer 'Grand American' Model)
  47. Screwbarrel Microscopes: A Brief History of the Screwbarrel Microscope
  48. Simple Microscopes: A Brief History of the Simple Microscope
  49. Slides: A Brief History of Microscope Slides
  50. Smith's Microscope #22 of 1840: The microscope of Dr. Thomas Hodgkin
  51. Solar Microscopes: History of the Solar Microscope
  52. Soleil Microscopes: The uncommonly described microscopes by a famous French Instrument maker.
  53. The Tami series of microscopes from Wetzar: The Tami, Metami and Protami microscopes.
  54. Test Objects and the Gould Microscope-what is that test slide with these microscopes?
  55. VARLEY: Cornelius Varley and his microscopes
  56. The WATSON EDINBURGH microscopes and their evolution.
  57. Watson Evolution: A tabular review of the changes in the Watson Edinburgh, Royal, and all the Van Heurck Models over the years with special attention to changing specifications and features.
  58. Watson Objective Lenses: A Review of Objectives as Sold by W. Watson & Sons in the Late 19th to Early 20th Century.
  59. Watson Royal: The 'Royal' Microscope: its history and how it Differs from the 'Van Heurk'.
  60. Watson-Van Heurck: A review of the history of the Van Heurck Microscope and its relation to other Watson models, especially the Edinburgh.
  61. Wollensak Microscopes of the 1920's and 1930's