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c. 1900

Maker: unknown

 Rousselet compressor

Rousselet Engr This compressor was invented by Charles Rousselet, FRMS 'about 1890' and was first noted in the JRMS in 1893. In 1903, Cross & Cole stated in Modern Microscopy that this compressor was the best type then obtainable. (also see Rousselet, CF, A Description of the Rousselet Compressorium, JQMC vol IX, 1904-1906 p 137-8). This original design is far superior to the later modified designs promulgated by various makers. These modified versions made some things like changing the glass easier while at the same time making them less useful by introducing factors which detract from the original design as can be seen in the example with the Grand Van Heurck Microscope in this collection.