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MODEL: 'Nelson No. 2'

c. 1895


nc2 mechanicalstage
Microscope Mechanical
Microscope plain stage

mechanical stageThere are two stages with this example. The mechanical stage, a variation on the Mayall stage of 1885, has separate controls for the X and Y direction, and an oxidized brass finish with the slide locator scales colored white. It differs from the Mayall version in that only one axis does not use a plate, the other axis moves the framework holding the slide. The entire mechanical stage rotates manually, and the edge of the circular stage is silvered and calibrated, numbered 0 to 270 degrees, marked each degree. A pointer on the right rear part of the stages registers on the calibrations. The calibrations also go 10 degrees counterclockwise to indicate minus 10 degrees from the zero. The stage cannot rotate more than 270 degrees, the controls protruding beyond the limb when the mechanical stage is rotated to its extremes. There is no provision for centering the stage. Unlike the later example in this collection, which holds the slide with moveable bars, front and back, this stage has two stage clips and lacks the front bar, just as in the engraving in the 1895 catalog showing this fancier version of the No 2. On the left side of the bar is a stop to locate the edge of a slide. This stop can be turned out of the way and has a sprung catch to locate it in either position.

The stage is held in place from below the stage support with a large threaded ring; a special tool is supplied with pins to fit this ring to enable it to removed. The second plain stage has two stage clips, and can be secured in the same manner as the mechanical stage, with the threaded ring from below. This plain stage provides a large surface for the slide and makes working on a specimen while on the stage, easier. For a direct comparison of the older and newer Nelson No 2 mechanical stages the stage comparison page.