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MODEL: 'Nelson No. 2'

MECHANICAL STAGES FROM c. 1895 & c. 1899

stages comparedThe same type of mechanical stage was provided on both examples, yet there are some differences. The knobs for motion of the mechanical stage were of a much larger diameter on the later model of 1899. The slide location scales on the earlier model are engraved directly on the brass and colored white. In the 1899 model small engraved nickel plates were used instead. The threads on the worm screw controlling right-left motion are much finer on the earlier 1895 version than on the 1899 version, yet the movement was roughly the same 'speed' on the later model due to the larger control knob diameter. A change on these stages that was indicated in the catalogs was the method of holding the slide. The 1895 version of the mechanical stage had stage clips attached to a moveable single bar, whereas the 1899 version had two moveable bars to hold the slide.