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MAKER: R & J Beck


c. 4th QTR 19TH C.


This microscope was available alone or with a variety of groups of accessories culminating in the boxes containing virtually every accessory back offered as shown below:

  1. Two Eyepiece Cap Analyzers stacked on top of an eyecap selenite
  2. Perforated Black Metal Slide for Double Prism Experiments
  3. Freestanding Blue Glass Moderator
  4. Substage Iris Diaphragm
  5. Limb-mounting Bullseye Condenser
  6. Equilateral Prism (freestanding)
  7. Base for Blue Glass Moderator
  8. Base for Equilateral Prism
  9. Nachet's Prism
  10. Tourmaline Eyepiece Cap Analyzer
  11. Accessory Stage Clips which dovetail into part of the stage when top of stage is removed
  12. Substage Amici Prism
  13. Silver Side reflector
  14. 'Spot Lens' Low power dark ground condenser
  15. Set of 6 stacked eyepiece cap crystals
  16. Erecting lens
  17. Iris Diaphragm to fit substage
  18. Eyepiece Micrometer
  19. Substage Right Angle Prism
  20. Achromatic Condenser with two revolving disks and an iris diaphragm
  21. Beck Universal Substage Condenser
  22. Paraboloid Condenser for Darkground Work
  23. Vertical Camera Lucida
  24. Centering and Rotating fitting for substage with ties for Frogplate inside it and Storing over Beck Patent Vertical Illuminator in its own can.
  25. Smaller Lieberkuhn
  26. Larger Lieberkuhn
  27. Darkwells and Darkwell holder for substage
  28. Box containing Parabolic Leiberkuhn with Sorby's reflector
  29. Quadruple Nosepiece of Aluminum
  30. Wollaston Camera Lucida
  31. Beale simple neutral tint Camera Lucida
  32. Maltwood finder in lid of accessory case
  33. Set of 3 nested glass dipping tubes
  34. 3-Prong Stage forceps with Screw Adjustment for Minerals and other larger irregular objects
  35. Standard Stage forceps
  36. Best Brass Forceps
  37. Frog Plate
  38. Parallel Plate Compressor
  39. Reversible Compressor
  40. Growing Cell
  41. Larger Live Box
  42. Smaller Live box
  43. Stage Mineral Holder
  44. Large Glass Troughs
  45. Screw Live Box (Lister-type Compressor)
  46. Two glass Slides with edge (No 283).
  47. Wenham Compressor
  48. Eyepiece cap fitting over eyepiece cap analyzer and or selenites
  49. Nosepiece analyer
  50. Substage Condenser with push on cap
  51. Schiek-type Lever Compressor
  52. Centerable Substage adapter to accept an Objective as a Condenser, with flip-in selenite
  53. Sorby Dichroiscope Insert
  54. Sorby-Browning Microspectroscope
  55. Leeson's Eyepiece Goniometer
  56. Standard Spectrum Scale for Microspectroscope
  57. Small box with spare cover slips etc
  58. Stage Micrometer mounted in brass, and Eyepiece Micrometer brass slider