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Bulloch Professional Microscopes

Although some have suggested that all single-pillared 'Professional' models be called 'Professional No 2's,   I strongly disagree. After studying the literature, and the actual measurements of these stands, it is clear that the early single-pillared stand was just as big as the later 2-pillar version, and much larger than the later 'Professional No 2.' The 'Professional No 2' was exactly the same (much smaller) size as the 'Biological No 2' except for a slightly longer tube length. The early 'Professional' had identical size components as the later 2-pillar model except for having two pillars, and a slightly different foot. For an additional image, with the early version of the 'Professional' next to the 'Biological No 2 (a stand almost identical to the Professional No 2), see this other image here.