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This page illustrates the Professional No. 2, which is identical to the Biological No. 2 except for the tube length and the limb support. The first figure below shows a Professional No. 2. pictured next to engravings of the Professional No. 2 as well as the Biological No. 2 taken from Bulloch's 1890 catalog. The second illustration, below the first, compares directly the Biological No. 2 with the original single pillar version of the Professional Model (which had no number, as there was no No. 2 at the time) and shows how much smaller the No. 2 was.


The Biological No. 2 (left), a stand nearly identical to the Professional No. 2 is a substantially smaller stand than the professional (right). On the other hand, the Professional No. 2 is the same smaller size as the Biological No. 2 except for slightly longer tube length.

Bulloch Biological Microscope Next to his first model of Professional