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Rewritten and re-labeled from the original:


By George Yeates Esq, of Dublin

This instrument is intended to obviate the objections to one originally used by M. Berfin for crushing or compressing minute portions of water or insects, during observations under the microscope. It possesses, in my opinion, the following advantages:
From its parallel motion if diffuses the fluid more uniformly than those hitherto used.
It affords greater facility in placing an object under the microscope or removing it.
The thickness of the covering glass can be varied at pleasure, and when not used as a compressor, it answers the purpose of a holder for microscope sliders, as it is easily adapted to glasses or sliders of various thicknesses.
It can also be used as a fine adjustment, with the advantage of a safety stage. The accompanying sketches exhibit a view of the whole instrument and also the various parts separated, which can be done in one instant by taking out the pin G.

Figure 1 represents a view of the compressor showing the complete instrument. Figures 2,3,4,5, and 6 are the parts separated, which can be readily affected by taking out the pin G, Fig. 7.
The parallel motion is produced by the three sockets b,b,b, Fig. 3, fitting smoothly on the three pillars b,b,b, Fig. 2.
Fig. 2, c,c, are two spiral springs(retained vertical by pins in Fig. 3) which tend to separate Figs. 2 and 3 while the milled-head screw, D acting on the end of the forked lever, Fig. 4, gives any distance between the glasses, or any required pressure. The T piece, Fig 5., with its springs, holds any piece of glass, or any slider that may be required; it is clamped by the milled-head screw at E.
F is a cylindrical tube fitted easily to Fig. 2, and passing through to the upper surface of Fig. 3, holding the bottom glass, which may be flat or concave as occasion may require.
The covering glass may be of any thickness, or any shape or size that will fit under the springs.
This compressor is made to fit on any of the improved microscope stages.