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SCREWBARREL MICROSCOPE (Wilson-Hartsoeker Type) (wet-cell slider):

c. 1725-1750, unsigned

Wet cell for screwbarrel Microscopescrewbarrel with slide
These images illustrate the 'wet cell' or 'live box' slider that accompanies the small screwbarrel microscope in this collection. It is shown fully assembled to the left, and apart to the right. It consists of three parts, the depression slide, the thick coverslip, and the outer casing that holds the two together and has a tapered end to facilitate the insertion of the slider between the top two plates of the screwbarrel. The depression slide has three concave wells. Although the coverslip, or cover glass as they were formerly called, is irregular in shape, it is sufficiently big to cover all three wells at once. It is also of the perfect thickness so that the device is held together properly while in use.