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c. 1910

Maker: Watson & Sons Ltd.

Serial number: none

livebox rousselet livebox rousselet livebox This is a livebox, intended to allow observation of living specimens. This improved version was invented about 1871 by Blankley but is often attributed to Rousselet. It is similar in some ways to the original Varley livebox. In the variation shown here, the lower glass is a raised 'tablet' with chamfered edges at the bottom of the cylinder. The lower surface of this tablet is even with the bottom of the slide. The upper or 'cap' portion of this livebox, instead of fitting around the outside of the bottom cylinder fits inside it. Also, instead of the cover glass being on the top of the second cylinder, it must of course, be on the bottom. Furthermore this upper cylinder is actually double with its inside part threaded to the outer part, the end of the inner cylinder thus holding the glass in place. This allows the glass to be changed in or out without the need for glue. This livebox has two holes similar to other Watson liveboxes. This example is signed: 'W. Watson & Sons Ltd., London'. This would date this to after 1908. This design is like Blankley's original form, not the Merlin improvement, as described on the page devoted to liveboxes.

rousselet livebox