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c. 4th Quarter 19TH C.


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This well made and attractive simple microscope stores in a polished walnut case with a boss on top. A screw at the bottom of the pillar passes through the boss on the lid, and a round knurled threaded knob screws on to the threads of the bottom of the pillar from the underside of the lid thus securing the pillar to it. A single-sided plane mirror is supported by a gimbal fixed to a small support extending from the bottom of the pillar. The 33 mm wide stage moves up or down via rack and pinion inside the pillar, controlled by the knurled knob on one side. The objectives, which screw into the arm, are engraved 1, 2, and 3, with three being the highest magnification. The small plain glass slides are 61 x 16 mm, and have polished edges. The are very slightly different in size.


This microscope is constructed of parts quite similar to two others in this collection, although those are free-standing on leaded bases and have different optical arrangements. Several other variations, again using seemingly identical parts can be seen on Allan Wissner's site. The mirror assembly and support as well as the in-the-pillar rack and pinion, are common to all of these. Although Edourd Lutz made small microscopes with in-the-pillar rack and pinion, his microscopes are otherwise different. The tentative dating of this instrument to the fourth quarter of the nineteenth century, is based on the date of Lutz instruments as well as the fact that these many variations are so commmon, a feature again suggesting the same time frame.