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c. 1886-?


Signed: "Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Rochester, N.Y.

Serial number: none

 Microscope  Microscope
Microscope  Microscope
Microscope  Microscope

prairie farmer microscope AdvThis microscope was advertised in the 'Prairie Farmer' magazine and was called the 'Prairie Farmer Microscope'. This version was never advertised in the American Agriculturist Magazines, but only in the Prairie Farmer. Just like the Agriculturist, The Prairie Farmer was published by the Orange Judd Company. This example came with a box labeled 'The Prairie Farmer Microscope' The bottom half is similar if not identical to the drum form of simple-lens B & L Microscope that has a drum base, but this one has a tubular body instead of simple lenses above. There is a slit in the upper tube over the stage to allow small slides to be viewed. It was advertised in the Prairie Farmer of 1886, but I have not yet been able to acertain for how many years it was advertised. A comparison of similarly sized and marketed microscopes made by B & L can be seen on the page devoted to early small agriculturist-type microscopes. A larger version of the advertisement can be seen here.

The author is endebted to Allan DeHass for permission to use his images of the Prairie Farmer Micrscope