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The New Tami Microscope

MAKER: Hensholdt

3rd Quarter 20th C.


The New Tami was introduced sometime in the 1950's and was produced into the 1960's. It added the features lacking for so long in the two prior models, namely built-in inclination and an adjustable mirror. It also had a tab which could be pulled back from under the base to add stability when it was inclined. Also added was the option for two different stages, a plain one, and a second with a a wheel of apertures on its underside. Curiously, these Tamis are less commonly available on the market today(2017), than the oldest version of the Tami. The reason for this is not clear, but one could speculate that those that have one, want to keep it, or alternatively, and more likely in my own opinion, it was not made in large numbers.