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Comparison of the Mechanical Stages the Nelson No 1a(left) vs the Powell & Lealand No 1(right)

This page is devoted to a comparison of the stages of the late model Powell & Lealand No 1, and the Curties-Nelson-Baker No 1a.

Nelson and P and L understage
Note that both these stages had the same basic layout and features including a calibrated stage rotation on a thick round metal plate. In both cases there is a double calibration ring, the outer calibrations graduated in single degrees and labelled every ten, while the inner is graduated in half degrees.

Nelson and P and L slide holders
Note that both had very flexible adjustments for slide width, Turrell-type stages, and calibrated stage rotation. In both cases, the front slide rest has spring-loaded contact with the slide.

Nelson and P and L understage
This image illustrates the similar mechanism for stage rotation of the Nelson-Curties No 1(left) and the Powell & Lealand No 1(right). In both cases, the bevel gear is permanently engaged, but the mechanisms allow manual stage rotation as desired. It also shows virtually identical cam-and-follower mechanisms for X-axis movement and rack and pinion movements for Y-axis movement.