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Shown here is an engraving from the 1901 edition of The Microscope and its Revelations by Carpenter of the massive Nelson No. 1 Microscope. Features which were standard for this model which were not standard on the number 2 included:

  1. An even larger foot and tripod-the splay of the foot on the huge number 1 was noted in the catalog to be 11 x 9 inches (compared to 7 x 7.5 inches for the No 2).
  2. The limb bending away from the inclination joint was a feature unique to the No 1.
  3. Concentric Controls for the mechanical stage (eventually optional, and not always standard)
  4. Rack and pinion adjustment for stage rotation, in addition to manual rotation
  5. Fine focus to the substage (eventually optional)
  6. Rack and pinion rotation to the substage (also standard for the No 2 until after 1895 when it was no longer offered on the No 2)
  7. Just like the No. 2, the No. 1 initially had round front foot pads (toe-pads) but later the front two were slotted.
  8. Illustration of the Nelson No 1 microscope from Carpenter
of 1901