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c. 1879-92

MODEL: 'Microscope Demonstration a la main'



Nachet of Paris made demonstration microscopes starting about 1872, and their first model, 'Microscope de demonstation a la main' was easily converted from a lightweight portable model to a handheld demonstation model and vice-versa by simply fitting onto a simple stand made for the purpose. Although apparently available from 1872, it was first reported in the JRMS in 1879. This model was pictured in catalogs through 1892. It is curious that despite being offered for at least 20 years, this model is seldom seen today; one explanation may be that it is constructed with rather thin parts, which although made it conveniently light, meant it would probably not stand up well to repeated use in a classroom. There was apparently no demonstration microscope shown in Nachet catalogs after 1892 until 1910 when a new model was apparently first introduced. This new model was the 'Microscope a main pour demonstration dans les cours' and was a much more substantial continental model which could be detached from its upright on the horseshoe foot.