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McArthur Microscope

McArthur Microscopes, LTD

DATE: c 1987

This microscope is from another private collection. I am grateful to its owner for permission to reproduce images of it here. The microscope is of an alloy similar to the Cooke-McArthur. It has Cooke objectives. The microscope is signed 'MCARTHUR MICROSCOPES LTD, 30 PORTMAN SQUARE, LONDON, WI' on the front under the objective carrier. It is also signed 'MCARTHUR' on the top in front of the eyepiece. Three Cooke objectives are signed 'Cooke' and are also signed with their focal lengths and n.a., of 16 mm with n.a. of 0.2, 8 mm with n.a. of 0.45, and the highest power of the three with n.a. of 0.65. The 16mm is also signed 'ACHRO.' As in the Cooke-McArthur model, the lowest power objective has an adjustable depth into the objective changer, allowing one to adjust for parfocality or change it for viewing more distant objects as might be needed with the dissecting stage. Interestingly, it has no serial number.

Hearson-McArthur Microscope

Hearson Microscope

hearson Microscope

Hearson Microscope

Hearson Microscope