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A Comparison of the Knobs on the Bulloch Biological No. 2 in this collection:

The contrast between the newer knobs of the Kohler condenser assembly (arrowheads) and the other knobs on this microscope,as illustrated by the controls for the mechanical stage(arrows) are shown here. Note the narrow and finely-knurled knobs for the stage controls, compared with the wide coarsely-knurled knobs for the Kohler condenser assembly. This finding is not unique to this microscope and is found on others in the 201-211 range of serial numbers of these Bulloch stands which are signed as 'Meyrowitz Maker.' The racks of these microscopes, unlike other Bulloch stands are diagonal instead of straight, reflecting a more modern method of control for these adjusting mechanisms.

Bulloch Biological No. 2 knobs