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GRAND VAN HEURCK MICROSCOPE (Parachromatic Condenser and Housing)

c. 1910


Van Heurck Microscope 'Watson Para Condenser

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Van Heurck Microscope 'Watson Para Condenser

The Watson Parachromatic condenser was one of their best, surpassed only by the 'Holos Oil Immersion" condenser and the Apochromatic condenser by Powell & Lealand which they also sold.

This condenser is shown with an unusual housing in which the optical elements can be quickly removed via a slider and another used in its place if needed, though only one slider accompanied this instrument. This slider mechanism as used for the nosepiece is known as a Sloan objective changer and its use as a condenser changer also appears in the more modern Swift Symposium Microscope formerly in this collection. I could find no Watson entries for this condenser housing, and it is unsigned. The swing-out stop- or filter-holder rotates.