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GRAND VAN HEURCK MICROSCOPE (above-eyepiece analyzer, crossweb eyepiece and polarizer):

c. 1910


Serial number: 12345


Grand Van Heurck Microscope Calibrated analyzer eyecapAn eyepiece analyzer, fits on top of the outer optical tube and also has a registration slot and also has windows for the calcite waveplate to sit above the eyepiece. This above-the-eyepiece cap has a silvered scale engraved in single degrees, numbered every ten, and with click stops every forty five degrees. The calcite plate can also fit below the retractable analyzer in the nosepiece.

Grand Van Heurck Microscope Crossweb eyepiece and micrometercrossweb A special 'best large size' crossed web eyepiece fits the top of the petrographic tube. It has a slot to line up with a screw on the tube so it does not rotate. It also has a slot which matches the shutter in the tube which it sits in, and is controlled by, the knurled ring. The eyepiece micrometer fits into this slot. This eyepiece has a top element that can, via screwing it in or out, focus on the micrometer rulings.

Grand Van Heurck Microscope GoniometerThe petrographic polarizer 'condenser' is also calibrated, can rotate in its housing and has stops every 45 degrees with a pointed indicator. This is the large size sold by Watson.