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J. Grunow Microscope

c. 1880

SIGNED: J. Grunow, New York'



Grunow microscope #697 angled
Grunow microscope #697 front
Grunow microscope #697 right side


Grunow Signature Signed on the left side of the arm: J. Grunow, New York and on the right side: No. 697' . This is a Lister limb microscope made of dark green-painted cast iron and brass. The Y-shaped foot and uprights are a single casting and the limb and stage are also cast as one piece, with the tilting top of the stage attached via a hinge from the left side. The top stage piece is finished black on top and lacquered brass on its sides. There is a disc of apertures recessed into the top of the stage, a Grunow invention. There is a V shaped support for a gliding slide support, the glide no longer with with instrument. Coarse focus would have been by pushing or pulling the optical tube. Fine focus is by screw under the right side of the stage causing it to tilt. The mirror has a smaller flat side and a larger concave side, a Grunow tradition also provided by Chevalier in France. The swinging tailpiece is attached to the front end of the limb under the stage, much like the earlier microscope number 585 also on this website. The inclination joint has brass retaining nuts much like number 585. This would have been a very inexpensive student model in its time.


For details on the history of Grunow microscopes please see the Grunow No 5 page with details about Grunow microscope number 101. For an example of a third Grunow microscope see the Medium sized Grunow, serial number 585.