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Nachet Grande Accesories

The accessories currently with the microscope include:

  1. An Nicol-prism analyzer fitting over the eyepiece
  2. A round tube with a knurled end which fits into the 'condenser' fitting from below, accepting accessories from above
  3. A piece of lacquered brass tubing of unknown use, but of diameter of the optical tube
  4. A single eyepiece labelled '1'
  5. A double nosepiece objective changer
  6. Three stops of different apertures to fit into the substage 'condenser' fitting
  7. a small frosted diffusing screen also fitting into the 'condenser fitting'
  8. A Nicol prism polarizer, which also fits the condenser fitting
  9. Two objectives, simply labelled '1" and '2'

condenser fitting condenser fitting The condenser fitting with a stop installed, is shown to the right. It swings out of the optical axis for access.

The original accessory tray, lined in purple velour cloth is still present but other parts which would have contained some of the accessories, most notably the case for the objectives, are missing. The bench condenser originally with this set is also missing, although I hope to replace it.