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This page contains images of successive versions of the Bulloch Congress Stand, one of the most notable American Microscopes of the 19th Century. It is not meant to be all inclusive, but rather illustrates trends. Because I had access to only a few examples of actual stands, I chose to illustrate those with matching engravings, where available and with dates of the publications. I filled in the other time periods with engravings alone, as no examples of those stands were available to me. Because the Congress could be supplied with, for example, a mechanical stage, a gliding stage, or both, I chose to illustrate some examples of each but not all the possible permutations. Note that the petrographic or 'lithological' stands are not included here, pictured elsewhere as a separate category of Bulloch stand, although I realize that some versions were based on the Congress.

NOTE: Unlike the other pages on this website, the image below is purposely made to overflow the page. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to move over the various models of the Congress Microscope to get a feeling for how it evolved.

NOTE: you can also enlarge any section individually simply by clicking on it.

Evolution of the Bulloch Congress Microscope