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Date: after 1878.

collins bottlesThe four bottles of reagents, all with original Collins labels have wood-topped cork stoppers. Canada Balsam, one of the best mountants of all time was of course included. 'Asphalte' is a tar-like substance which was used for sealing specimens under a coverslip and especially specimens in deep cells and was used for 'ringing' the cell, a process facilitated by the Ringing table. Goldsize is a material of a lighter color, used for the same purpose as Asphalt, but being of lighter color could be used alone or mixed with dies to impart color to the ring. Marine Glue, as its name implies, is a water insoluble cement used for gluing a ring to a slide and the coverslip to the ring. This glue will dry even in a moist environment, allowing cells to contain liquid preservatives. Gold size is another adhesive. (The author is greatful to James Solliday for the information contained in this paragraph).