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The substage apparatus is supported on two 'swinging' tailpieces that can either rotate together as one unit, or separately. Each has a calibrated ring. Each ring is calibrated from zero to ninety degrees in one degree increments with numerals every twenty degrees. The mirror is attached to one tailpiece, while the condenser assembly is on the other. The condenser assembly has a Sidle and Poalk iris on top in a centerable mount controlled my knurled knobs. The bottom has an independent Nicol prism assembly. The condenser assembly is focused by straight rack and pinion with knurled knobs on both the right and left side.

Bulloch Professional Microscope Substage Bulloch Professional Microscope Substage Bulloch Professional Microscope Substage

The swinging tailpiece with the mirror can rotate to above the stage allowing top illumination; the ability to rotate this mirror tailpiece separatly from the condenser tailpiece is a Bulloch invention which was described in his patent. The concept of the swinging tailpiece has often been attributed to Zentmayer, but there is some evidence to suggest Bulloch might have actually made it first. What is undeniable is that Zentmayer held the patent for the single swinging tailpiece and Bulloch held the patent for the double swinging tailpieces. Click on the image below this paragraph to see the scales close up. bullochswinging

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