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c. 1880


bulloch lithologicalPARTS AS DESCRIBED BY BULLOCH:
1. Klein's Quartz plate
2. Nicol prism
3. Centering nose-piece.
4. lower part of substage containing prism which swings to one side.
6. Centering Substage.
8. lower part of goniometer.
9. upper Nicol pirsm.
10. plate of calspar cut perpendicular to the axis.
12. Hemisphere for use with convergent polarized light for showing crosses.
13. scale inside of tube.
15. extra nose-piece.
16. supplementary substage.

According to the American Geologist of 1889, this stand, produced in 1880, was the first Petrographical microscope produced in the U.S.A. and was made by Walter Bulloch. Until that time, either microscopes were individually customized for this purpose, or they were obtained from overseas. The article goes on to complement Mr Bulloch as the only maker, at first, to come forth in response for pleas for an American maker to produce petrographic stands. It then describes two additional models he produced, but pictures an engraving of only the 'Professional Petrographical' model, also pictured in the 1890 catalog.