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The Bulloch 'D' Microscope, was shown in the 1878 Bulloch Catalog, but not the 1890 catalog. It was featured in J Edward Smith's 'How to See with the Microscope' in 1880. Its 'English' or 'Crouch' type foot is unusual in an American Microscope, and Bulloch may have been the only American maker to use it. It features a Lister limb in the style of early microscopes by James Smith, with rack and pinion coarse focus and nosepiece fine focus. It featured a rotatable graduated glass covered stage with gliding slide holder. A substage wheel of apertures could be removed completely to allow more oblique lighting to be obtained from its swinging mirror. It came either in an all polished brass finish or with a Japanned iron foot for $8 less. The example shown here is lacking the glass plate and also the slide holder and pressure screw that held the slide holder in place.

BullochBulloch D Scope