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GRAND VAN HEURCK MICROSCOPE (Holos Oil Immersion Paraboloid)

c. 1910


Van Heurck Microscope 'Holos Oil Immersion  Paraboloid Condenser' The 'Holoscopic Oil Immersion Paraboid Condenser' is housed in a mount similar to the other condensers, has an iris, but not a filter/stop holder as this would not be needed. It has an immersion front, requiring oil contact with the underside of the slide. The HIP can be used with moderate to high power dry objectives (but still with oil immersion even for dry objectives) with a nosepiece iris ('Davis Shutter')without the need for a funnel stop but for oil immersion objectives, a funnel stop would be preferred. The paraboloid is signed:'Holos Immersion Paraboloid, No. 8068, slips 1.6 mm'. The latter refers to the thickness of the slide with which the condenser is designed to work with (+/-20%). It is also signed 'W. Watson & Sons Ltd, London'.